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Is Fall the Best Season to Visit Our Zion National Park Cabins?

Aug 30, 2023 | 0 comments


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Most visitors to Zion National Park make their way to Southern Utah in the heat of the summer. From late May to late August, Zion and the rest of the region see their highest crowd levels of the whole year.

Many park guests will never get to experience Zion any time other than summer. But this doesn’t necessarily make the season the best time to visit the park. In fact, a much better time to visit our Zion National Park cabins is just around the corner.

While it may be mostly red rock desert, Zion National Park does experience a fall season. This time of year brings a number of changes to the park that can have a big impact on your stay in Zion lodging—in many good ways.

If you’re thinking about visiting Gooseberry Lodge this season, keep reading. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about this special time in the park.

The Benefits of Planning a Stay in Zion National Park Cabins in the Fall

Planning a stay in our Zion National Park cabins is a good idea any time of year. But if you’re thinking about renting our Utah cabins this fall, there are a few big benefits of this season that you need to know.

The Leaves Will Bring Even More Color to the Landscape

Every season in Southern Utah is beautiful. But fall brings even more vibrant color to the red rock deserts of Zion National Park.

After the heat of the summer subsides, many of the native trees in the region begin to prepare for the colder months. That means that their leaves turn from green to a variety of shades of orange, yellow, and red. The region’s cottonwood trees, in particular, come alive in the fall in a vibrant display of bold yellow. This color is even more stunning when you see it against a backdrop of brilliant red rock cliffs. The chance to experience this vibrant display is one of the best reasons to plan a visit to our Zion National Park cabins during the fall.

Southern Utah features many different elevations, and you can experience most of them just a short drive from our Zion vacation rentals. So if your visit to our Utah cabins is too early and the leaves haven’t yet changed in the park, you can drive to a higher elevation and perhaps experience the changing colors!

Temperatures are Finally Starting to Cool

It’s no secret that summer in Zion can get hot. Throughout the region, it’s not unusual for temperatures to reach triple digits on a daily basis. High temperatures can make enjoying activities like hiking some of Zion’s incredible trails even more challenging.

However, fall brings some welcome relief to the region. By September, the average daily high has dropped to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. In October, the daily average high is 66 degrees Fahrenheit, and by November, it’s 53 degrees. The cooler temperatures are great for enjoying some longer hikes, but not so cold that you’ll find yourself bundling up to spend time outdoors. 

Fewer Visitors Make Their Way to the Park

With most of the park’s annual visitors making their way to Zion in the summer months, weekends, and even weeks around the holidays like the Fourth of July often see crowds. This can mean lines at shuttle stops and some crowds on the park’s most popular trails.

The Angels Landing permit system and the shuttle buses are a couple of measures taken by the National Park Service to help alleviate crowds. But if you want to enjoy the park with fewer other guests, fall is a great time to plan a stay in our Zion National Park cabins.

Whether you’re hoping to hike some popular trails or just want to take a relaxing ride into the park, this is a great time to do so. While the winter months see the fewest number of visitors to the area, fall is a good time to skip the lines while still enjoying great weather for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Planning a Fall Stay in Our Zion National Park Cabins

There’s truly no bad time to visit our Zion National Park cabins. But if you want to enjoy fewer crowds, cooler temperatures, and experience the landscapes in a whole new way, the fall season is a great choice

.Gooseberry Lodges are open year round to help guests experience every season in Zion National Park. If you’re ready to see for yourself what makes fall such a great time to visit Southern Utah, book your next stay in our Utah cabins today!

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