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Day Trip Spotlight: Sand Hollow State Park

Jun 30, 2023 | 0 comments


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Planning a stay in our miniature cabin rentals near Zion this summer? Many visitors to our Apple Valley Utah resort book their stay because they’re dreaming of visiting Zion National Park. But while this iconic park is definitely worth a visit, it’s far from the only outdoor adventure you can enjoy during your stay at Gooseberry Lodges.

Our resort is located in Apple Valley, in the heart of Southern Utah. This means that you’ll be just a short drive away from a variety of destinations during your stay. This includes several Utah state parks.

State parks are great for getting away from the crowds that occur in Zion around the summer holidays, including the Fourth of July and Labor Day. Many of these parks are also home to natural features or activities that you won’t find in Utah’s national parks. One such park is Sand Hollow State Park. 

Getting to Sand Hollow State Park

One of the best reasons to visit Sand Hollow State Park during your stay in our Zion cabins is how close it is. This state park is less than half an hour from Gooseberry Lodges, making it perfect for spending a morning or afternoon before returning to your Zion lodging for some rest and relaxation.

Like all Utah state parks, Sand Hollow does charge an entrance fee. That fee is $20 per vehicle for non-Utah-residents. Utah residents pay $15 per carload on weekdays, and $20 from Friday through Sunday. Annual passes and discounts for seniors age 65 or older are also available. Your day pass is good at any Utah state park, which means that you could visit other nearby parks on the same day without paying the entrance fee a second time.

What to Do in Sand Hollow

Once you’ve made the drive from our Zion lodging to Sand Hollow State Park, there’s no shortage of ways to spend your day. This unique state park covers more than 20,000 acres on the edge of St. George, Utah. The park’s central feature is Sand Hollow Reservoir. This reservoir is 1,300 acres on its own and is a great spot to cool off on a hot day.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the activities you can enjoy in Sand Hollow during your visit from our miniature cabin rentals near Zion.

Dive into the Sand Hollow Reservoir

One look at the clear blue waters of the reservoir, and you’ll see why Sand Hollow is so popular among locals. The waters of the reservoir are warm, and perfect for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding. You can rent paddle boards and kayaks from Sand Hollow Rentals, which is located at one end of the reservoir during the summer months. Boating and fishing are also popular on the lake, which is stocked with a variety of fish. 

One activity that you might not think you’d get to try during your stay in our Zion cabins is scuba diving. But Sand Hollow Reservoir is actually a destination for diving! Hiding in the deep water are an old bus, a small airplane, and more. These were placed there specifically for scuba diving, which is managed by a local shop called Dixie Divers. They also manage The Dive Shack at Sand Hollow during the summer. Here, you can rent gear for a dive or even earn your scuba diving certification or recertification.

Exploring Dry Ground

There are several hiking trails in Sand Hollow State Park that offer views of the reservoir and the rest of the park. But this isn’t the most popular way to explore the dry land portion of Sand Hollow. Instead, that honor belongs to off-road vehicles.

Even more popular than the reservoir is Little Sahara Recreation Area. This massive, 62,000-acre piece of land is connected to the state park and is filled with a variety of landscapes. You can explore every inch of it on UTVs and ATVs. You can book a UTV park at Sand Hollow Rentals. There are also a variety of other local tour groups that offer ATV and UTV tours in the park.

Planning Your Stay in Our Miniature Cabin Rentals Near Zion

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting day trip during your stay in our miniature cabin rentals near Zion National Park, Sand Hollow State Park is a great choice. From off-roading to boating to hiking, this park has something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, it’s close enough to the Zion cabins at Gooseberry Lodges that you can easily plan a morning in the state park and an afternoon enjoying a different adventure.

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